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I am Kristeen (Kristy) Timothy, owner of JBC hosting. I am a wife of 13 years to Troy and mother of three sons and one daughter. JBC stands for the first letter of each of my son's first names. Jayson, Bryan, and Christopher (My daughter, Kate, had not yet been born when JBC opened). I started JBC Hosting with the hopes of sharing a great reliable, service that I have, the knowledge I have about website management, and in the process provide extra resource for our children's education needs. We home school our children and can always use extra materials for everyday use as well as building a savings account for their higher educational needs. We have already purchased a year pass for the zoo! The boys love it!!

I too enjoy building my "homepage" ok your right it more like "homepages". I remember looking for a home for my first domain. I had no idea what I needed! LOL So I know selecting a hosting provider can be very confusing. But I also know now that it doesn't have to be that way. If you have been thinking about getting your own domain now is the time. "Free web hosts" are just not what they used to be and paying for their service can cost you more than having your own domain, especially when you add in down time and slow tech support, low irregular bandwidth limits. Which all, in my opinion, are unacceptable. Then add the benefits and freedom of having your own domain makes every dollar you spend double in value! So please contact me so we can talk about your site. I promise not to pressure you in to anything but just help you find the answers you need to make the choice you want to make.

Our service does NOT stop once you are uploading. We strive provide 24-7 technical support as a part of our package. We also offer, for small reasonable fees, script installation and Site Design or Maintenance for large and small sites. There lots of great services at JBC Hosting! If you're looking for something for your websites please contact us we CAN help you!

Thank you
Kristeen Timothy

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